The [Bad Hair Day] owner is on his project named Project Ares Mesh Avatar, and I have this opportunity to try the review copy which is IMPRESSIVE!!!

First, in one package you will be getting

  • MESH BODY; with Bento hands
  • MESH HEAD, (bento update will be coming soon)
  • MESH HAIR Fatpack & Tintable HAIR BASE (5 styles)
  • Unrigged MESH EYES
  • 4 SKINTONES, tintable
  • FACIAL HAIR PRESET (10 styles, tintable)
  • EYEBROW Preset (2 styles, tintable), WITHOUT EYEBROW option is included.
  • TATTOO (5 presets)

Feeling worried about clothing? Nah no need to. [ARES] Project has developed pant, shirt and underwear to begin with in their very initial version.

For all this you will be only spending 6800L$ and UPGRADES will keep coming for FREE! This will be a long term project.

My personal note: I was pessimistic because I think it will be a bulky man avatar but in fact I can modify the basic shape EASY !!

Give it a try! I am serious!

You can find the [ARES] Project HERE




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